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Bryan F. Granelli, PhD Psychologist
Gifted Children

I have had a professional interest in gifted children for 25 years.  In the Fair Lawn office I administer, score
and interpret a variety of psychological tests to facilitate an understanding of the abilities and needs of
gifted children.  I provide psychotherapy and counseling to gifted children and their families for a broad
range of clinical conditions.


•        I.Q. Tests are individually administered tests of intellectual ability.  The most well known tests are the
Wechsler scales and the Stanford Binet, however, there are other test for special purposes.
•        Tests of perceptual, personality, motivation, emotional functioning and a variety of other abilities,
talents and traits.
•        E.Q. Tests – tests of emotional intelligence EQ testing is in its infancy.  This can be a valuable way of
obtaining information to guide parenting decisions for gifted children.
•        Psychological Testing and assessment services are not limited to gifted children.

Often an IQ test is needed to establish eligibility for a program for Gifted Children.  These programs can be
independent programs (Gifted Child Society) or school based programs. Other well known programs include
MENSA and programs offered by the Davidson Institute and Johns Hopkins  

At other times a parent may be interested in his/her child’s ability profile to facilitate parenting or
educational guidance. More comprehensive testing is needed to diagnose an emotional or learning disability
in children. (yes children can be both intellectually gifted and learning disabled).  Many colleges have
programs for learning disabled students as required by section 504. Eligibility for college programs requires
a comprehensive test battery or recent IQ testing.

•        A licensed psychologist in the only individual who is qualified to administer, score and interpret
psychological tests.

Practical Matters

The standard fee for IQ testing is $350.  The includes administering the IQ test ( usually takes between 1
hour and 1 1/2 hours, scoring the testing(20 minutes) , a 20 minute post testing interpretive session with
the parents and the scores written down on my  letter head and signed. If appropriate I will also complete
any eligibility forms for specific programs. This does not include a formal written report.  A formal written
report can be obtained for an additional fee.   This is not covered by insurance in most situations.
I work hard to ensure each child has the best conditions in which to be tested.  If the child is younger than
7 I try to do the testing in the morning.  If you are willing to take your child out of school it will help facilitate
the appointment Otherwise I will test on some Saturdays.

Please be aware that basic intelligence (IQ) testing is not a comprehensive clinical assessment.

Counselling and Psychotherapy with Gifted Children

The psychotherapy practice is not restricted to gifted children, however, like any other children,
gifted children can and do experience emotional distress.  Often it is helpful to have a
psychologist experienced with the issues of gifted children.
While most intellectually gifted children are high in EQ, some gifted children have personality
characteristics that place them at some emotional risk.  Actively encouraging and developing
Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness can be very helpful for most gifted children.  I have
integrated what is now regarded an EQ thinking into my work with gifted children for over 15