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Bryan F. Granelli, Ph.D. Psychologist

I hold specialty certification in the area of substance abuse.  (Certificate of Proficiency in the
treatment of Alcohol and other psychoactive substance Abuse Disorders).  This certification is granted
by the American Psychological Association to doctoral level psychologists who also meet strict criteria
in the field of substance abuse. (experience and knowledge in this field)

Dr. Granelli provides individual and group psychotherapy and EEG neurofeedback to treat substance
abuse disorders. While not a 12 step approach the treatment is 12 step friendly.
Some people need some help and support living life on life's terms.

This practice does not provide intensive outpatient, detox or any residential treatment.
EEG neurofeedback is a powerful new technique that has shown great promise treating substance
abuse.  This work was developed by Dr. Peniston, a psychologist with the Veterans Administration.
Research on neurofeedback and substance abuse treatment has shown success rates far in excess of
those normally seem in substance abuse treatment.  This technique is safe, painless and also may
result in increased feelings of calm and relaxation.

Below is a link to a research article  on neurofeedback and substance abuse.

IDRC Programs  I am doing less work for IDRCas od August 2020

Please read this section prior to coming for your IDRC evaluation

This practice is approved to provide assessment and treatment to individuals referred by the New
Jersey Intoxicated Driver Centers.  The assessment is conducted individually and is a comprehensive
assessment of a clients biological ( by history and report) social and psychological functioning.  
Breath and or urine testing may be part of this process. In addition to interview and history data, this
practice may use formal psychological and substance abuse assessment.  In most cases the
assessment can be accomplished in on visit, however in some cases the assessment may be
extended to 2 or 3 sessions.

The results of this assessment may indicate a need for  treatment or intervention.  

The client is assessed, and if needed, a treatment plan is developed to address his/her needs.  The
evaluation for the IDRC is comprehensive and often last for over 1 hour. Length of treatment is
individually determined to address patients needs. A typical course of treatment might be 16
sessions of group or individual psychotherapy.  If treatment is recommended, it is expected that the
client will attend treatment on a regular basis.  Missing sessions may result in the client being
discharged form treatment and not meeting the requirements of the IDRC.  Missing sessions may
result in a charge for a missed appointment.

If you have completed substance abuse treatment after your most recent DWI, please bring
documentation of that treatment.  If you are currently in treatment and would like me to consider this
in making my determination of your need for treatment, please bring full contact information for your
current treatment provider.

Many factors go into a determination of an individual's need for treatment. They do include the
number of substance abuse motor vehicle offenses, the Blood alcohol level at the time of the DWI
and the age.  These factors are considered along with other clinical data in making a determination.

The fee for the assessment is $175 and it is required that this be paid at the time of the assessment
by check or cash.  If additional assessment sessions are required the fee will be $ 110 per session.

Fees: Initial Assessment and Report to IDRC     $175.
Group Therapy                                          40
Individual Psychotherapy                           150
Group: Current schedule Group Mondays 6:15 p.m. Individual sessions as scheduled